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April 25, 2019

By Chris C.

Each year, most amusement parks encourage guests to come experience something new and exciting in their park. Cedar Point is no exception. Great additions and makeovers have come to Cedar Point for the 2019 Season. Let’s check them out!

Food: What is new? This year on the Gemini Midway next to the Monster ride is the BACKBEATQUE . The newest and coolest place to eat barbecue on the Point! They have fused cool music and smoky backyard barbecue to create an amazing place to rest or tap your feet and fill your belly. It is a quick service restaurant that features all types of smoked meats and delicious sides. Signed guitars, celebrity photos and a really cool collection of cassette tape spines adorn the wall. Starting May 25th the Backbeat Quartet began playing music from the glory days of Rock N’ Roll, everyday except Mondays. On the other side of the point, the new HUGO’S Italian Kitchen is featuring house made pastas, meatball subs, and brick oven Pizza, The restaurant is located on the Main Midway near Raptor. Don’t forget to get a cannoli! Both of these new dinning establishments are on the meal plan! 

The Chaussee, built in 1914, was one of the first access roads to the park. Sometimes now called the “back way,” it offers another way to Cedar Point for those who were seasoned park goers. In 1957 the Cedar Point Causeway was completed and provided a much quicker and easier way to reach the park. Still, it can be more scenic to go down the Chaussee. However, in 2019, I wouldn’t advise it. Many signs have been put up many signs warning that the road is for local traffic only. The road and break wall are both being repaired. The road reduces to one lane in areas where the crews are rebuilding the protective rock wall along the water. Furthermore, I have read comments on Reddit and the PointBuzz blog that sometimes the booth at that entrance can be closed, which would involve guests having to turn around and drive all the way back to the Causeway. I will let the crews get the road back in good shape and maybe I’ll try it again some other time. I know once last year, I waited in a line of traffic on the Chaussee for over an hour to get in to the park. I have never waited that long with the three lanes open on the Causeway!

Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island debuted the last weekend of May, 2019. It is an undiscovered town made of a variety of characters who guests can interact with to evolve an ever-changing story that decides the fate of Adventure Island. Some of the cast includes: Commander Etta Fox(in charge of keeping the peace), Otis (resident farmer), Steel Vengeance famed Chess Watkins (who will introduce spectators to her emu), Nadya the ex-pat gypsy, the Elder, Blackjack(who will play blackjack with you), and many more. As guests interact with the islanders, they get to pick a tribe(team)to help and win challenges and collect points. The new area has many activities such as vegetable planting, climbing rope courses, deciphering codes, passing along messages and gifts. These tasks all help shape the story of the Forbidden Frontier and if their tribe wins, they get to see the treasure map the Etta Fox has locked up and hopefully find the treasure that has been buried on Adventure Island. The Forbidden Frontier area is free with your park admission, and is suitable for all ages. 

CorkScrew and MineRide both underwent cosmetic updates. The Corkscrew has new paint schemes on the cars that remind one of the year it opened, celebrating the nation’s bicentennial in 1976. The bright red, white, and blue look amazing going through the midway. Corkscrew’s new paint job and makes a great opportunity for photographers. In addition, Cedar Creek Mine Ride features several updates to its overall theming. A runaway train is busting out of the fence near Sky Hawk, the station features a large hand painted sign, and the entrance highlights Mine Ride’s 50th Birthday. These two Arrow Dynamics coaster have certainly deserved the right to be celebrated with the enhancements.

Monster Jam rolled into Cedar Point May 18th and will remain until June 30th! More than just seeing these cars in the temporary “Thunder Alley” between Valravn and Millennium Force, there are several free interactive experiences, like riding in a 10 passenger monster truck along a specially designed track built on the former site of the Cedar Hotel. Kids can build their own miniature wooden monster vehicle (kits are available for purchase) or push mini die-cast monster trucks through raised sand boxes with ramps and other elements. There is also a Monster Jam Garage where spectators can talk with experts and see how these awesome marvels of gears and engines really work!

Fast Passes aren’t new this year, however there have been some changes. If you can only go to Cedar Point a couple of days this year, but you want to ride all the amazing coasters, you may have to get a Fast Lane pass which lets you surpass many of the people waiting in the cue. You can feel like royalty for the day. The regular fast lane works on these coasters: Blue Streak, Cork Screw, Gemini, Magnum XL-200, Millennium Force, Raptor, Rougarou, and Wicked Twister and also these attractions: Antique Cars, Cadillac Cars, Dodgem, Giant Wheel, Lake Erie Eagles, maXair, Monster, Pipe Scream, Power Tower, Scrambler, Skyhawk, Snake River Falls, Troika, Wave Swinger, and WindSeeker. Its price starts at $65 (but is more on peak days). If you want to jump on the more thrilling coasters, you must get the Fast Lane Plus which grants you quicker entry to all the Fast Lane Rides plus: Steel Vengeance, GateKeeper, Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster, and Valravn. It starts at $85 (but if you are coming on a weekend expect to pay $100) Also, this year features a brand new Fast Lane Plus Season Pass! It gives you everything mentioned above all year long. Did I mention it is $849? That is a pass I will have to pass on. But, If you are at the Point all the time, it may well be worth your money. Platinum Pass holders have a great opportunity for ERT (exclusive ride time) throughout the year, usually Tuesday nights, on some of the larger coasters like Top-Thrill Dragster, Maverick, Steel Vengeance, and others. You can check out the ERT schedule on
Thanks for checking this out! Comment below what you think about the new attractions and changes this year, or how the 2019 season is going for you.

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