April 18th, 2020

By Chris C.

We first heard the words “Coronavirus and Covid-19” back in January. By March we heard ‘ventilators,’ ‘death,’ ‘masks,’ ‘PPE,’ ‘layoffs,’ – pretty grim. If you were like me, you read these headlines and thought there was little any of us could do. I was fearful.

Like many other Ohioans, I started watching the daily press conference hosted by Governor Mike Dewine. We reacquainted ourselves with the governor and “met” the Lt. Governor Jon Husted and Dr. Amy Acton. We then heard, ‘handwashing,’ ’social distancing,’ and ‘stay at home.’ This was something I could do. It gave me hope. Fortunately, my employer was quick to start sanitizing at work and encouraged social distancing among employees and customers. Eventually, I was able to work from home.

As coaster enthusiasts, we knew this would have many effects on the amusement industry: delayed opening days, small crowds, maybe even parks that wouldn’t open.

Amusement parks are offering word searches, on-ride POVs, and contests to provide a spark of hope to fans. At this point, I don’t think anyone knows what the future holds for our beloved parks. Thousands of people crowd together. Will we all wear masks? Will we be safe?

Cedar Fair has announced that season passes will be extended through 2021. That is great news, but when will we be able to visit? Do I want to chance getting the virus? Will we have a vaccine? So many questions.

But for now, I’ll stay home and do my part, circle some word searches, watch some videos, read my collection of amusement park books, and stay safe.

 You do the same! #stayhomeohio #inthistogether #donthemask


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